One student’s view about commuting to uni

Guest blog from Jordan Hempsey.

“With my parents living just outside of my university city, I didn’t see the point in paying the costly prices for staying in university accommodation when I could just drive to uni (plus there’s the added bonus of not having to buy food, and having someone else to do your washing for you etc!).

What I didn’t realise was how LONG it would make my days! I thought I’d get used to it, that it was just a shock to the system. That getting up at 5am to navigate through rush-hour traffic and be in a lecture for 9am would all be worth it because I got to save that bit of extra money.

It wasn’t.

I lasted 2 months and then decided that, as my new friends all lived in houses close to the uni, I would look for accommodation there too. From that moment on I never looked back, I couldn’t believe how much I was missing out on: the night life, the freedom, getting to actually experience real student life and independence.

If someone had taken the time to explain what a difference NOT commuting would make to my degree, I never would have tried it. Don’t make the same mistake I did; don’t waste pointless hours travelling.

I worked it out I wasn’t even saving anywhere near what I thought. The cost of fuel and keeping my car going soon added up. Even getting the train wouldn’t have saved me as much as I’d hoped.

In short, learn from my experience. Enjoy your time actually being at university. Don’t waste it commuting.

A short walk to campus is better all round. For the environment, for your social life, but most of all, for your university experience.”

If you want to explore the opportunity of living in Chester accommodation instead of commuting, check out our properties page or pop into the office and speak to Jenny for more info.


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