Pack it up, pack it in

Okay, so its that time of year again. Either you’ve started packing your things up or you’re thinking about doing it. For some reason unpacking your things in September didn’t seem to take that long but now moving out for the summer is just a drag. Here we have put together  three useful tips to help make the packing process as easy as possible.


First things first, boxes. When moving out its important to have all your equipment ready, that way you are more likely to start packing than making excuses. Just like wrapping Christmas presents, it’s something we have to do, not something we want to do. Ebay has some really good and very reasonable student house removal packs, similarly you could pick one up a set of cardboard boxes from Argos.

Alternatively if you don’t want to use boxes, moving hub provides some alternative packing materials  such as using storage bins and wrapping things in sheets and towels.


Organisation is key when you are packing. Separating belongings into piles such as ‘books’ or ‘shoes’ will make things easier to pack. This is also helpful when distinguishing which items are necessities and need to be packed at the top. These could be anything from your laptop to your makeup bag, so items that you need to access quickly should be placed on top for easy retrieval.

Working in logical order will make things easier when you unpack again in September. For example packing up all your desk and stationery stuff first and then making your way around the rest of the room clockwise. This way  when you move back home or into your next property you can unpack items quickly as they will already be grouped together.

As well as organising your belongings, it’s equally important to organise the tasks you have to do prior moving out. For example, clean yours and the communal rooms, emptying the bins and cancelling bill direct debits. Unipol offer a guide to moving in and out of properties, tailored specifically to students, offering a checklist of all the things that need to be completed before moving day.


Packing can be both mind-numbingly boring but equally sentimental activity if you are leaving flatmates that you are close to. A way to celebrate your last few days together could be to help each other pack, maybe have a beer or a glass of wine and make it fun.

Having two or three people will make the process go quicker and run smoothly as you wont be struggling by yourself.

For more information on packing and leaving your current tenancy, check out our countdown to summer blog.




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