Going to be a Fresher in September?

It’s coming up to the end of A-level exams and you’re probably starting to think about what to do with yourself over the next few months. Whether you have a conditional or unconditional offer, it’s time to start planning for university in September.

We have put together a list of 5 crucial things that you’ll need to comple before the big move. Hopefully, this will  put your mind at ease and get you excited for the next few months!

In the meantime, if you’re still revising for A-levels,why not check out our revision tips. Although they’re aimed at our Chester uni contingent, if you’re soon to join us here in Chester, why not start thinking like a degree-level student now!

Student finance

Student finance is the reason the majority of students can afford to live away from home for 10 months a year. Once you’ve applied to university and are receiving offers, it’s wise to fill in your student finance. Student finance offers you a fixed loan for the year, this is calculated based on your parent or guardian’s income. It takes six weeks for this application to be processed, so the earlier you fill it in the better, otherwise, you risk a late loan.

The deadline to complete this application is the 27th May 2016, for more information check out the studentfinance.gov website.



Once you have firmed up your university choice, it’s time to apply for your student accommodation. There are usually deadline dates for these so check when you have to complete your forms. The earlier you apply the better, as most universities work on a first come first served basis.

When applying for accommodation through the uni, you are required to list your halls of residence preferences. The University of Chester asks you to rank your accommodation in order of 5, 1 being your ideal preference working backward until your least preferred accommodation. One thing that the university takes into account is how far you’ll have traveled i.e. the further away your family lives, the higher the university’s priority to find you a home.

If you decide that halls aren’t for you (perhaps you’re a mature student, or simply want to leap straight into your independent university experience), or you haven’t been allocated halls of residence on campus, you have the option to get a house in the private sector. These tend to be slightly cheaper than on-campus accommodation and some are just as close to campus as actual ‘on-campus’ accommodation. For more information on this check out our living with us page which talks about how private sector letting works.


Start packing

Whether you love it or hate it, packing for university is a necessity – unless you fancy just buying everything when you get here! Though that may be an expensive way around things. Often people rely on hand-me-downs from older siblings or family members. When you’re accumulating, this is your where you get to buy rainbow knives and forks for your communal kitchen, or pick your favourite posters to decorate your room, whether it be a Game of Thrones or a selection from your secret Bieber collection… we won’t judge.

There are plenty of articles out there offering checklists on what to take, a popular one is by The Student Room: what to take to university checklist. Remember though every university is different so you will have to check what you are allowed to bring, for example, TVs and mini fridges are not allowed in certain halls of residences.


Once you have decided on your university, you have to enrol online, this confirms your module selection so the university and your lecturers know to expect you at the start of the academic year.

Usually, when you’ve accepted your offer (or confirmed it), you will receive a welcome pack before through the post, normally filled with goodies and discounts, along with all the information you will need. It will be in here where you will be given your details to login and enrol before you arrive on campus.

Get excited!!

Going away to university and leaving your friends and family can be a daunting experience for the bravest of souls. Starting somewhere new is not easy, but one thing to remember is that everyone is in the same boat, and will be feeling very similar emotions to you.

But what is prevalent in almost all new students is the excitement about going to university; it’s the start of a new chapter of your life, and may well set the tone for the rest of your life.

Embrace your excitement and get involved with the various social media platforms – you might even meet your fellow house mates prior to turning up! Joining your course group or your accommodation  page on Facebook will assist with making connections with people beforehand so it will be less scary when it comes to the first day. You can find our social media pages here:


You may be able to find your housemates on there!

Also check the Chester Students’ Union page.  They normally offer a countdown to freshers’ week and will provide you with important dates and times about events taking place when you arrive.

So until we meet you all in September, we hope you enjoy your final pre-uni summer. Keep an eye out in your university enrolment pack for a little gift from us!

If you are looking for somewhere to live when you arrive, don’t forget to check out our properties.





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